Tribal Council Vocabulary

Mko gises 2011 / February 2011

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Mko gises -- February (Bear Moon)

Ni tthe pi wa odanke yen? -- When are you going to town?

Wabek ge zhep nwi odanke. -- Tomorrow morning Im going to town.

Ni tthe pi wa odanke yek? -- When are you (pl) going to town?

Odanke gishgek nwi odankemen. -- Were going to town on Saturday.

Shwatso dbegenek nwi odanke. -- Im going to town at eight oclock.

Ni tthe e pi tthiyak i eda yen? -- How far is it to your house?

Be shootth yawen. -- It is close by.

Ni tthe ga kedot? -- What did he say?

Notth gezhiwen. -- Be louder.

Notth bedangedonen. -- Talk slower.

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