Tribal Council Vocabulary

Nme Bne Gises 2011 / March 2011

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Nme Bne Gises -- March (Trout Moon)

Gda nishokmo ne? -- Can you help me?

Mbintthege -- I am cleaning.

Nda bye bi dge ne? -- Can I come in?

Aptthe she nwi zakem. -- I really need to use the bathroom.

Gge bidgemen i tadiwgemek. -- Let's go inside the casino.

Dokem shna gwi yemen egigdowat. -- We have to be quiet when they are talking.

Nwi o bma. -- I am going to sleep.

Nde odanke. -- I am going to town. (present tense)

Nwi odanke. -- I am going to town. (future tense)

Nitthe pi ga odanke yen? -- When are you going to town?

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