Tribal Council Vocabulary

Sisba kwto gises 2009 / April 2009

Sisba kwto gises -- April (Maple Sugar Moon)

We gwni je ibe ga pa nadyen? -- What were you there for?

Gi ma wje shnok. -- They had a meeting.

(gi in front of a word is known as a prefix and the gi means that this is something that already happened, so it makes it past tense.)

Ngi o bzen da ge. -- I went to listen in.

Nwi o bzen da ge. -- I’m going to go listen in.

(The wi prefix means something that is going to happen in the future, and n before the wi means that it is something that I am going to do.)

bze nda ge -- He / She listens in. (a meeting)

Ni je esh bmad zi yen? -- How is your health / life?

Jo mno ye si -- He / she doesn’t feel good.

Jo nmno ye si -- I don’t feel good.

(Notice the addition of the n before mno. That n added to it makes it personal or I, me or first person speaking. Statements or phrases that have si in them make it a negative action or statement, and it is usually used in conjunction with cho / jo / ttho which mean no.)

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