Tribal Council Vocabulary

Etemen Gises 2009 / June 2009

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Etemen Gises -- June (Strawberry Moon)

Ttho gwabmasi. -- You don’t see him/her.

Ttho ne gwabmasi? -- Don’t you see him/her?

Ttho gwabmasik. -- You don’t see them.

Ttho ne gwabmasik? -- Don’t you see them?

Ggi wabmek ne o mshkekiwnene? -- Did the doctor see you?

Ngi bye wabmek o mshkekiwnene. -- The doctor came to see me.

Wnago -- Yesterday

Ngi -- I (personal pronoun in the past tense)

Bye -- Come; he/she comes (ngi-bye; I came – past tense)

O -- The/that – O used to signify something animate; if inanimate use I for words the/that

Ndanes -- My daughter

Same vocabulary words used in creating a sentence form:

Wnago ngi bye wabmek o ndanes. -- My daughter came to see me yesterday.

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