Tribal Council Vocabulary

Zaw bogyagises 2008 / September 2008

Zaw bogya gizes -- September (Leaves Turning Moon)

Bgo sen je ge -- wish he/she does (he or she does wish)

Nbgo sen je ge -- I wish / I hope

Gche or Kche -- Big / Great / a lot of

Bmadzejek -- people

Wi kkendaswik -- will learn

Ode -- this

Zheshmowen -- language

Nbgosenjege gche bemadzejek wikkendaswik ode zheshmowen -- I wish a lot of people will learn this language

Nedwendan -- want it he/she does (he or she does want it)

Wishkbabo nedwendan -- I want a pop

Nbwachewe -- visit he/she does (he or she does visit)

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