Tribal Council Vocabulary

Zaw bogya Gises 2010 / September 2010

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Zaw bogya Gises -- September (Leaves Turning Moon)

nde zhya -- I am going (present tense)

ngi zhya -- I did go (past tense)

nwi zhya -- I am going to go (future tense)

gde zhya -- You are going (present tense)

ggi zhya -- You did go (past tense)

gwi zhya -- You are going to go (future tense)

nde zhya si -- I'm not going (present tense)

ngi shya si -- I did not go (past tense)

nwi zhya si -- I'm not going to go (future tense)

In the past we learned how to say table in vocabulary form by saying dopwen. If we are going to use dopwen or table in sentence form it changes a little bit to Dopwenek.

An example for that is - Put it on the table - Ton zhi dopwenek. Notice now that we don’t say Ton zhi dopwen, instead we say Ton zhi dopwenek.

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