Tribal Council Vocabulary

Bna kwi gises 2007 / October 2007

Here are some various responses when someone asks Ni pi tthe eshayayen meaning Where are you going? Immediately below these responses are phrases for identifying days of the week. The speaker for most of the October vocabulary is Jim Thunder of the Forest County Potawatomi. Other speakers are identified.

Ni pi tthe eshayayen -- Where are you going?

Nwi odanke -- I am going to go to town

Dawewgemgok nwi zhya -- I'm going to the store
(Speaker: Kim Wensaut, Forest County)

Mbesek nde shya -- I am going to the lake (Literal - To the lake I am going)

Zibik nde shya -- I am going to the river (Literal - To the river I am going)

Tadiwgemuk -- Casino
(Speaker: Earl Meshigaud, Hannahville)

Ngot gizhget ngom -- Today is Monday

Nish gizhget ngom -- Today is Tuesday

Apta gizhget ngom -- Today is Wednesday

Nyew gizhget ngom -- Today is Thursday

Nyano gizhget ngom -- Today is Friday

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