Tribal Council Vocabulary

Bna kwi gises 2008 / October 2008

Bna kwi gises -- October (Autumn Moon)

Nije weshtoyen? -- What are you doing?

Nije gazhe webuk? -- What happened?

Ni pi je ngoji? -- Where abouts?

Ma wje shnok -- They are having a meeting.

Ni je pi wa we pte wat? -- When are they going to start?

No mi zhna wa we pta wuk -- They’ll start soon.

Ni je esh bmad zewen? -- How is your health/life?

Zhe webze -- Something is the matter with him/her.

Gde wzhi ta ne? -- Are you ready?

Neyap nwi zhya -- I’m going to go back.

Wishkbabo nedwendan -- I want a pop

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