Tribal Council Vocabulary

Bbon gises 2007 / December 2007

Video Vocab

INTRODUCTIONS: Questions & Answers

Ni je ezhnekazyen? -- What is your name?

Dawn, ndezhnekas, gin je? -- My name is Dawn, and yours?

EXPLANATION: ne for questions

____________ne gdezhnekas? -- Is your name______________?


Neshnabe ne gdaw? -- Are you an Indian?

E he, neshnabe ndaw. -- Yes, I am an Indian.

Ni pi je wejbyayen? -- Where are you from?

Hannahville ndojbya. -- I am from Hannahville.

Ni pi je ezhyayen? -- Where are you going?

________ndezhya. -- I am going to_______.

EXPLANATION: Place name first

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