Tribal Council Vocabulary

Bbon gises 2010 / December 2010

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Bbon gises -- December (Winter Moon)

Apes nde shya. -- I'm going to the office.

i kwshe nina -- Gee, that's right! (Agreeing with someone)

Winitthe i yawek? -- What is that?

Nitthe gi eshtthegewat? -- What are they doing?

Nitthe i eshwebek? -- What is wrong with it/that?

Egatth yek! -- Quiet everybody!

Bokbedomen -- Let's break (break time, literally "let's break it")

Wiwkwebdomen -- We will wrap it up (call an end to something, e.g. meeting, etc.)

Weye i -- That's it! That's the way! (Giving praise)

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