Animate & Inanimate Nouns
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Language Lesson - Animate and Inanimate Nouns

Introduction to Nouns

In Potawatomi there are nouns, verbs, pronouns and many other words that make up the language. This lesson explains Potawatomi nouns.

Simply put, a noun is a word for a person, place or thing. Nouns can be animate or inanimate, and singular or plural.

Animate or Inanimate
Potawatomi nouns are either Animate or Inanimate. An animate noun is a thing that is alive, spiritual, a planet, a moon, a star, or moving.

An inanimate noun is a noun that is not alive or man made. Go to the "Animate and Inanimate Nouns" section to learn more.

Singular or Plural
When you are speaking of one noun, it is singular. When you are speaking of more than one noun, it is plural. In English we add an "s" to the end of nouns to make them plural: dogs, cats, horses.

In Potawatomi you add different letters to the end depending on whether the word is animate or inanimate. Go to the "Singular or Plural" section to learn more.