Language Lessons Overview

Choose a Lesson from the menu on the left, or the list below. In each lesson you will find written lessons, video lectures, vocabulary and a quiz to help assess your knowledge.

The Basics
Learn the basics of Potawatomi in this online language lesson. Learn about spelling and pronunciation. Watch the video lecture for more detail on pronouncing the Potawatomi letters and words. Take the quiz to test your knowledge of the lesson.

Animate and Inanimate Nouns
This lesson teaches the basics of Animacy - the difference between animate and inanimate nouns. This is an important concept to understand when studying Potawatomi. Many future lessons will require that you know this material.

Verb Conjugation
Learn the basics of conjugating Potawatomi verbs. The written lecture and the video lectures explain how Potawatomi verbs are used in sentences. Study the vocabulary and take the quiz to assess how well you know the material.

Word Order and Negative Word Order
This lesson contains information on word order, negative word order and variation in how to say no. The vocabulary section contains no, never, not yet, and other variations of no. Take the quiz to test your knowledge once you've studied all of the materials.