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Language Lesson - Word Order and Negative Word Order

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Using other variations of Cho

The vocabulary builder from this chapter includes the "no variations". These are very helpful words to use when making verbs negative. The following examples use these words with verbs to make negative statements.

Cho gego - nothing
Cho gego nde-tosin. - I have nothing.
Cho gego gwi-tosin. - You will have nothing.
Cho gego gi-tosin. - He had nothing.
Cho gego gtosimen mine. - We have nothing again.

Cho Mamda - can't
Cho mamda nmajisi. - I can't leave.
Odanek cho mamda gzhyasi. - You can't go to town.
O mko cho mamda wabmasi. - He can't see that bear.
Cho mamda gkiktosimen. - We can't talk.

Cho Wika - never
Cho wika nmajisi. - I never leave.
Odanek cho wika gzhyasi. - You never go to town
O mko cho wika wabmasi - She never sees that bear.
Cho wika nwi-majisimen mine. We, but not you, will never leave again.

Cho Kwech - not quite
Cho kwech nmajisi. - I am not quite leaving.
Odanek cho kwech gzhyasi. - You are not quite going to town.
Cho kwech ndozhitasi. - I am not quite ready.
Cho kwech gwisnesim. - You all are not quite eating.

Cho Mshe - not yet
Cho mshe nmajisi. - I am not leaving yet.
Cho mshe gbektesi. - You are not hungry yet.
Cho mshe wisnesi. - He is not eating yet.
Cho mshe byesik. - They are not coming yet.

Cho Wi - no (strongly put)
Dawewgemgok cho wi nzhyasi. - I am NOT going to the store.
Cho wi gmajisi. - You are NOT leaving.
O Karen cho wi wabmasi. - He is NOT looking at Karen.

Cho Wi Shena - no (even stronger)
Cho wi shena nwisensi. - I am NOT!!! eating.
Gde-notakchegenem cho wi shena nde-tosin. - I do NOT!!! have your radio.
Ode pkweshegen cho wi shena wi-mijensik. - They will NOT!!! eat this bread.