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Language Lesson - Word Order and Negative Word Order

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Word Order

Word order in Potawatomi is much more flexible than word order in English.

In English, the order of words is crucial to the meaning of the sentence. For instance. If you say "the bear has teeth." We know that the bear is the one that has something and what he has is teeth.

In Potawatomi, the order of the words does not dictate what is happening. It is the words themselves that tell you who is doing what.

Wibten o mko ton. - Teeth, the bear has.

This is one way that you can say this in Potawatomi, but if you scramble up these words, it would still mean the same thing. Keep this in mind, it is often best if you put the most important thing first. So, if you think the most important concept in this sentence is that the bear has TEETH, put teeth first.

If you think that the most important thing is that the BEAR has teeth, put the bear first...

O mko ton wibten. - The bear has teeth.

Once again, the words order is not as important in Potawatomi, but you may want to put the most important thing (or idea) in the sentence first.