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"Soft Launch" for Online Course Gets Underway

online course A pilot run for the new Potawatomi 1 Online Course got underway Monday, January 21st. Fifteen applicants are enrolled, comprising NTW students, staff, a Hannahville Tribal Council member, as well as other Potawatomi Nation band members who have elected to participate in this experimental course session.

This course is a "soft launch" meaning that it is a pilot test run and still in the development stage. There is a limited student/participant roster of individuals who will not only take the language course to learn, but to assist us in assuring that the online course software runs bug-free and all learning modules work smoothly. Course participants are strongly encouraged to comment on current class content, and share what works well for each of them individually. The participants are also encouraged to let us know when something is not working, and to suggest additional content areas desired for the fall course kick-off. This is the primary reason for keeping the initial class participant enrollment number to a manageable size.

This pilot course is scheduled for the full 18 weeks of the second semester of the Nah Tah Wahsh school year. It will provide instruction in Potawatomi grammar as well as vocabulary, and will highlight video lectures featuring Eric Janofski of our staff and Justin Neely of the Citizen Nation Potawatomi.

More specifically, concepts covered during the class test run include the alphabet, sounds, pronunciation, animate and inanimate nouns, singular vs. plural vocabulary, word order, verb conjugation, personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, possessive noun inflections, and past and future tenses. Most instructional units include video lecture, audio, recording assignments, quizzes and more. The Potawatomi Language 1 course will be offered as a full 36 week course beginning next fall.

If you are interested in enrollment for the online language course during the 2008/2009 school year, please contact Eric Janofski with this website's contact page to submit your name and email address to be placed on the course waiting list. Please add "Online Course Enrollment" to the subject line.

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The Potawatomi Language Program, the Ewikkendaswat Ekenomagewat Project and Language Technology Projects are funded by the Hannahville Indian Community, HIS/NTW School, and Language Revitalization Grants (2006 & 2009) from the ACF Administration for Native Americans (ANA).