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PotawatomiLanguage.orgAs one of the several language revitalization projects, this website is being created for the community. That means that it is for everyone, all ages from preschool to elders.

This site's content is intended not only for students, but also to assist parents in helping their young children to practice and reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.

Lesson and word reviews will also be posted, along with language puzzles and vocabulary games for a self-assessment challenge that is actually fun.

Digital Language Lab

student in labA major component of our revitilization project is the integration of a Digital Language Lab in the culture classroom at the Hannahville Indian School / Nat Tah Wahsh PSA. We have been developing audio and video material to integrate with our lab in order to provide rich resources that the students can access during class time.

The lab is set up with laptops and headphones that allow students to listen and speak Potawatomi words as part of their class assignments.

Online Language Course

online course UPDATE! A pilot run for the new Potawatomi 1 Online Course got underway Monday, January 21st. Fifteen applicants are enrolled, comprising NTW students, staff, a Hannahville Tribal Council member, as well as other Potawatomi Nation band members who have elected to participate in this experimental course session. More...

Video iPods for Lessons on the Go

Video iPod TV PluginSpecially formatted video iPod files are under production. Some video files are already posted to the site in the Council Vocabulary section.

With this video format, language learners can download a series of prepared video lessons for study and immersion listening at virtually any location.

For large screen viewing, video cables make it easy for you to attach your video iPod directly to a television for playback.

video ipods

More To Come...

These are just a few of the language projects that are underway to meet the needs of Hannahville's revitalization efforts initiated by the Tribal Council in their Strategic Plan for revitalizing the Potawatomi language. The Potawatomi Language Program and Language Technology Projects are funded by the Hannahville Indian Community and a three-year Language Revitalization Grant by the ACF Administration for Native Americans (ANA).

Please keep in mind that this website is a work in progress. As such, it will never be "completed" because we will continually update and add culture, language and history content to these web pages on a regular basis. So, check back often for updates.

2013 Winter Storytelling
Winter Storytelling
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February 1 and 2, 2013
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February 3, 2013
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Potawatomi Heritage Center
Potawatomi Heritage Center
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Potawatomi Language Revitalization

The Potawatomi Language Program, the Ewikkendaswat Ekenomagewat Project and Language Technology Projects are funded by the Hannahville Indian Community, HIS/NTW School, and Language Revitalization Grants (2006 & 2009) from the ACF Administration for Native Americans (ANA).