Shi-Shi-Be November 2010 Vocabulary List

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Gi wse gises -- November (Hunting Moon)

Egatth yek! -- Quiet everybody!

Apes nde shya. -- I'm going to the office.

Apes ne nda shya? -- May I go to the office?

Nda o zakem ne? -- May I go to the bathroom?

Mbish ne nda o mnekwen? -- May I go get a drink of water?

Winitthe i yawek? -- What is that?

Winitthe ni yawgen? -- What are those?

Winitthe o yawet? -- Who is that?

Winitthe gi yawtthek? -- Who are they?

Nitthe gi eshtthegewat? -- What are they doing?

Gdo wiges -- You are doing really well.

i kwshe nina -- Gee, that's right! (Agreeing with someone)

weye i -- That's it! That's the way! (Giving praise)

bokbedomen -- Let's break (break time)

i kwshe yedek -- I suppose that is so. (Sort of in agreement)

Metsena yedek -- I don't know. ("Yedek" implies "and I don't really care" - Metsena, by itself, means "I don't know")

Wegwnitthe? -- What? (When you didn't hear something said)

Ehaw -- Okay

Ehengh -- Yes

Ttho -- No

Tthowi -- No (with a bit more emphasis)

Ttho mamdaw! -- Absolutely no way!

Tthowi ndeket! -- No, I said! (Very emphatic)

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