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Welcome to Storybook!

Storybook is an online Potawatomi language resource developed by Eric Janofski and produced by the Hannahville Indian Community's Language Department.

What we have created is an interesting and fun online resource that contains fully translated stories with rich understandable language concepts for Potawatomi students.

This website features...

  • Fully translated Potawatomi stories
  • Video lectures explaining the stories
  • A glossary with words and grammar concepts
  • A word-clickable feature that allows users to click on any word to find out what that word means
  • Vocabulary games to practice your words


5/2/08 - Completed "Mskwa Biskowagen Kwes". Video lecture coming soon. Working on the story "Weje Gishek Ngom".
4/2/08 - So far, we have finished "Ode Gokoshes" and we are working on the story "Mskwa Biskowagen Kwes". This should be added in a few weeks.
Storybook Button The Storybook website project is funded in part by a three-year ANA language grant through the ACF Administration for Native Americans.
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