Miniature Moccasins

This moccasin was exchanged and collected in 1968. It was made by a young girl learning how to sew. It is made out of animal hide which is usually buffalo, elk or deer. It is a dark tan color. The size is 6.5 centimeter by 3 centimeters. It compares to the size of a quarter which is only a little smaller. It seems to be a simple woodland style pattern. It displays no beadwork because the girl was young. The small moccasin does not have decorated flaps that older women usually bead. A soft-soled center seam and pucker-toe moccasins were good to travel through woodlands with different types of ground.


Written by: Betsy Trudeau


Moccasins. Pair of miniature moccasins; by young girl learning how.


Animal Hide


6.5 X 3 cm


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Jackson Hole Preserve, Inc.

Acquisition Method and Date:

Exchanged; 1968